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Squid (47)

Squid is a great seafood ingredient with many new recipes in recent years including baked squid, squid salad, salt and pepper squid and stir fried squid.

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Squid is briefly cooked on the barbecue before becoming the main ingredient in this tart Thai salad that is ideal for hot summer days.

Recipe by: Wiley

5 reviews

Squid in a tomato wine sauce is a popular Italian Christmas favourite. It's good as a side dish or served over pasta.


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A seafood lover's dream! Squid is stuffed with prawns and white fish and baked in a delicious tomato, paprika and wine sauce. This is a Spanish recipe.

Recipe by: DMASON

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A really delicious and authentic stew of squid in a red wine sauce. This is great served with rice for a special occasion.

Recipe by: MARIA157

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This is a classic Greek dish called macaronatha, squid in a tomato sauce served over macaroni and topped with sheep's cheese.

Recipe by: Tiny Poem

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How to Make Seafood Paella
How to Make Seafood Paella

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