White Wine Recipes (39)

White wine is a perfect ingredient in many lightly sauced recipes especially chicken and seafood. It is also key in heavy dishes like risotto.

Top White Wine Recipes

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Clams are fantastic simply simmered in white wine. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Clams in White Wine Video.

Recipe by: Luis Luna

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Pasta should always be simple and this is a great example. White wine, butter and garlic are used to cook fresh prawns, and then are served over pasta.

Recipe by: STACEYO

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This is a great recipe that is easy to cook but gives a nice colourful and subtly flavoured dish

Recipe by: STEVIEC

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This is a quick and easy pasta dish that tastes as good as anything you can get in a restaurant. The family will love it!

Recipe by: STEPH477

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Called "moules marinieres" in French, these tasty mussels are cooked in a white wine sauce that is seasoned with bay, thyme and parsley. Enjoy with crusty bread.

Recipe by: Christine

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