Smoothies are a great way to enjoy fruit and can be mixed with milk, yoghurt or juice. Here are recipes for banana, strawberry and chocolate smoothies.

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    You can make this delicious smoothie with orange or apple juice instead of pineapple if you prefer. Easy and healthy.

    Recipe by: VERITY78

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    Everything in a smoothie you need to get the day started, especially the coffee and chocolate, oh, and that healthy stuff too, banana and honey.

    Recipe by: gingerbiscuit

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    Strawberries blended with lemon curd yoghurt for a deliciously rich smoothie. If you can't find lemon curd yoghurt use natural or any fruit-flavoured yoghurt.

    Recipe by: Janice

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    Perfect smoothie for a hot summer's day and the best way to get some fresh fruit! This smoothies uses strawberry sorbet for a sweet kick.

    Recipe by: Amy M.

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    This is the smoothie I make almost every day for breakfast. Sometimes I use soy milk instead of orange juice.

    Recipe by: Michelle

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    We all know smoothies are healthy but this recipe is awesome tasting too, with fresh bananas and strawberries complemented with yoghurt and honey.

    Recipe by: Stefanie Forster

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    You can use practically any soft fruit in this smoothie but mango is my favourite. The tiny cardamom seeds are the perfect garnish.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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    Start the day with something both healthy and tasty with this breakfast smoothie recipe that combines strawberries, bananas and yoghurt.

    Recipe by: SHIPPY

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    This quick and easy breakfast smoothie will help you start your day out right. Loaded with soy milk, porridge, a whole ripe banana and some frozen strawberries.

    Recipe by: ASTROPHE

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    The coconut cream added to what is otherwise a normal banana smoothie makes a huge difference and for some reason always makes me think of the beach.

    Recipe by: Food Lover

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