Shepherd's Pie (37)

Traditionally shepherd's pie is made out of lamb and cottage pie out of beef, but you don't always have to follow tradition! These recipes provide a variety of options, some even using chicken.

Top Shepherd's Pie Recipes

1 review

Lamb mince, carrots and onions topped with a layer of cheese and onion mashed potatoes. A true family favourite in our house!

Recipe by: dannyboy

15 reviews

This is my comforting version of Shepherd's Pie that my whole family loves! It is amazing that such a simple dish can be so good.

Recipe by: Elaine

7 reviews

A great British recipe, this is a hearty dinner dish that is always a favourite with the the whole family and friends.

Recipe by: Babette

6 reviews

A very traditional English cottage pie with beef, onions, carrots, potatoes and seasonings. Best served with fresh green peas.

Recipe by: Caroline

3 reviews

This is a favorite of our family. There's nothing quite like it for an easy Sunday night dinner in winter. Quick, easy and big time comfort food!

Recipe by: Yummum73

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