There are fruit salads, cheesecakes, passionfruit icing and passionfruit butter as well as well as other fabulous recipes to use passionfruit.

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    This cake has a nice lemony taste and really shows off the tangy passionfruit butter in between its two halves. You can use this spread between cake halves to make a plain cake very special. It's kind of like lemon butter - or lemon curd - but with the tangy taste of passionfruit.

    Recipe by: RaewynL

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    Peach and passionfruit ice cream. Just right on a hot night. So easy to make. My own recipe.

    Recipe by: shazzieau

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    Easy ice cream…could technically be a sorbetto:-)...quick to make and a delight to eat. The tart combo of yoghurt, passionfruit and lime make it zing. Proportions of cream and yoghurt can be varied according to taste and you can use any fruit. Last time we made this we added blended mango and orange juice.

    Recipe by: cassandra

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    Not a traditional tiramisu, this one uses fresh mango and passionfruit. You'll need about 3 large passionfruit for this recipe.

    Recipe by: SERENAJANE

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    All my friend's love this slice - it is known as "The Crowd Pleaser"!

    Recipe by: NessyS

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    This is so easy to make and great finish to a summer BBQ.

    Recipe by: mumof2

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    Use it like lemon curd - in fact this is basically a lemon butter recipe with pasionfruit. Use in between cakes, in tarts or wherever you would use lemon butter. Also makes great little presents.

    Recipe by: Diane Sauce

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    Anyone who likes white chocolate will love this cheesecake! Great for dinner guests and parties. Takes a while to make but every bit of it is worth it in the end!

    Recipe by: SoOtY

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    This recipe uses mango instead of the apple in a typical crumble. The passionfruit really brings that extra tangy taste to the mangoes. Serve this dish with vanilla ice cream or even some plain yoghurt, it's delicious.

    Recipe by: Kali

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    FLAKY PUFF PASTRY has to be the best pastry to have on hand in your freezer. It's so simple to use, you can make a multitude of different dishes - This dessert is easy to make but looks impressive to serve

    Recipe by: foodopera

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