Passionfruit (29)

There are fruit salads, cheesecakes, passionfruit icing and passionfruit butter as well as well as other fabulous recipes to use passionfruit.

Top Passionfruit Recipes

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Easy Yummi Passionfruit Slice (Recipe from that's life magazine)

Recipe by: mail2sue

3 reviews

Very refreshing in hot weather and very economical if you have your own vine producing lots of passionfruit. Great to give away to friends too.

Recipe by: farmyard

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These are light and airy cup cakes, they taste best the day they are made of course, but they do freeze very well without drying out. Passionfruit butter icing is my favourite. Use 2 passionfriut and halve the milk.

Recipe by: silkdiver

3 reviews

An easy and semi-healthy dessert. Peaches are such romantic fruits!

Recipe by: figandcherry

1 review

This cake has a nice lemony taste and really shows off the tangy passionfruit butter in between its two halves. You can use this spread between cake halves to make a plain cake very special. It's kind of like lemon butter - or lemon curd - but with the tangy taste of passionfruit.

Recipe by: RaewynL

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