Sugar Snap Peas

The very essence of early summer, sugar snap peas are so tender you can eat them pod and all. A great ingredient in salads and stir fry recipes.

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This recipes tastes as wonderful as it looks. It is a healthy way to eat pasta without all the creamy fats in some pasta sauce recipes.

Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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Bok choy has more of the disease-fighting anti-oxidant beta carotene than other types of cabbage. It is low in kilojoules, has no fat, and is a rich source of fibre and vitamin C.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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A quick and easy pasta dish with a little bite. Adjust the chilli oil to your own spice level or if not available, add finely chopped fresh red chilli or dried red chilli flakes.

Recipe by: EAKE

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Sugar snap peas, chicken and wild rice combine together really well in this healthy and colourful salad that can be eaten as a main or a side dish.

Recipe by: blossom

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An easy vegetarian stir fry that makes the best use of seasonal sugar snap peas. You can use all kinds of vegetables, these are just an example.

Recipe by: DollyLaBrebis

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Use the thinnest beef slices you can to make this or ask your butcher to do it. Sugar snap peas, asparagus and cashews make a delicious weeknight stir fry dinner.

Recipe by: mimichette

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Sugar snap peas, green peas, carrots and ginger make a lovely vegetable side, perfect when sugar snaps are in season.

Recipe by: annef

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A fresh and lovely sugar snap pea soup which is ready in less than 30 minutes. Serve with an extra dollop of creme fraiche or some grated cheese.

Recipe by: Ambre

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Here is the colour, the scent and the good, strong taste of the early summer vegetable garden.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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