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A quick and easy way to prepare chicken breasts with lots of good sauce for rice or mashed potatoes.

Recipe by: Amy

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This is a favourite in our house. It's so easy but tastes so good. Using Parmesan gives a little more texture to crumbed chicken and the baking makes it healthy for all the family.

Recipe by: Jenny

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Juicy fresh chicken breasts are stuffed with fresh apple, cheese and breadcrumbs before being cooked in butter and white wine.

Recipe by: Behr

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Super easy barbecued chicken recipe that is special because of the overnight marination. Great tasting and very tender.

Recipe by: Michael

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This is a great chicken recipe to cook on the BBQ, it reminds me of a chicken satay but by keeping the breast whole it is far more juicy and tender.

Recipe by: CHANDRA6

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