Silverbeet (28)

    Silverbeet is a great vegetable that has many cooking applications and is part of many tasty recipes.

    Top Silverbeet Recipes

    242 reviews

    Beans and greens are a perfect combination; earthy and satisfying. This recipe makes a perfect vegetarian main dish or a tantalising side dish for fish or meat.

    Recipe by: bigboss

    10 reviews

    This meal wins over the toughest of food critics.

    Recipe by: rglavan

    41 reviews

    A delicious and satisfying Mediterranean-inspired blend of silverbeet, olives, garlic and sun-dried tomatoes tossed with pasta.

    Recipe by: Lia Soscia

    93 reviews

    This simple vegan dish combines the distinctive, nutty flavour of quinoa with silverbeet, mushrooms and lentils. Spinach leaves work well in this recipe too.

    Recipe by: ASTROPHE

    114 reviews

    The delicate flavour of silverbeet comes out beautifully when it is pan fried with bacon, and any bitterness fades with cooking.

    Recipe by: melanie

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