Yabbies are famous for the stories and hours spent trying catch them, so it’s good to know there are great yabby recipes for eating them once they are caught.

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    Now here's an unusual was to serve fettucine - baked with yabby tails and Cajun seasonings. If you can't find yabbies locally you can order them online.

    Recipe by: CYNTHIA2

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    This is a Cajun dish similar to gumbo which is called etouffee. This recipe is easy and the yabbies can be substituted with prawns if necessary. Even better when served with hot garlic bread! Start cooking the rice first since this is a quick and easy dish.

    Recipe by: BONNIET310

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    If you can find yabby tails this is a great way to serve them in a potato soup. Yabbies are available frozen online if you can't find fresh.

    Recipe by: ANGELVEN

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    A seafood touch to a cold soup, a bit like a prawn cocktail. You can also use prawns or small crab legs or omit the seafood if you like.

    Recipe by: lilkim

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    If you can find yabby tails (they're available online) this is a delicious way to prepare them. Serve with a salad and garlic bread for a complete meal.

    Recipe by: JJGUADALUPE

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    Here's a great crowd pleaser for a dinner party. It can be made with either yabbies (if you can find them) or prawns. Keep in mind the quantities in this recipe are for 10.

    Recipe by: B. Gisclair

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    This creamy pasta recipe really turns up the heat, so adjust the chilli flakes to your own taste. You can also use prawns if yabbies aren't available.

    Recipe by: Risilverbeet and Suzanne

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    This is a beautiful way to cook yabbies. You can substitute prawns for the yabbies and it is still delicious.

    Recipe by: TRAVLEE

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    This delicious blend of pasta, yabbies and vegetables works well as a quick supper or light lunch. Prawns may be substituted for yabbies.

    Recipe by: Linda

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    Yabbies, also known as freshwater crayfish, have flesh resembling lobster. They are best treated very simply so that the luxurious taste and texture come through.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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