Still a popular use for any kind of mince. Barbeque or fry your rissoles and they go well with either salad or veggies.

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    We've found that the key to stopping your rissoles falling apart is to make sure you do finely chop and blend the vegetables as suggested in the recipe. You can also add a couple of drops of Worcestershire or Tabasco sauce to this mix for extra flavour. If you have time, chill them in the fridge for 30 mins before frying. Now take your rings off and get into the rissoles!

    Recipe by: Kelly Bunch

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    This is a fast meal, on the table in 30 min. You can add extra garlic if you like. Some extra parmesan on the pasta is very nice. The Rissoles can be frozen if needed.

    Recipe by: volos

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    Courgettes, cheese and onion combined to make delicious rissoles. Serve with a bit of sour cream on top and garnish with a spring onion or chives. Yummy.

    Recipe by: Sherlie A. Magaret

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    Tried this for the first time - adding mashed potato to normal mince rissoles. it was absolutely delicious so I'm gonna add it here for you to try!

    Recipe by: dvelchick

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    Very quick & easy flavoursome meal.

    Recipe by: PeterRae

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    Kids will love the melting cheese centre of these tasty rissoles, so this meal is an easy way to increase their calcium intake.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    These can be made into rissoles, burgers or meatballs and can also easily be cooked on a barbie. Also try serving with flatbread and salsa.

    Recipe by: Ferah

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    With a seasoning of oregano, basil, thyme and a dash of Worcestershire, these meatball rissoles have a savoury flavour. Serve with pasta or just dip 'em in tomato sauce.

    Recipe by: Superstarr

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    Turkey mince combined with spinach and crumbled goats cheese to make tasty rissoles. They are grilled in the oven and can be served on a hamburger bun or alone.

    Recipe by: NWITOVER

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    Rissoles are a great BBQ choice, these beef rissoles are a regular and very popular with the kids when we are looking for a change from sausages.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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