Strawberry Jam

Strawberry jam is a great option to use up a batch of strawberries and keep eating throughout the rest of the year.

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Perfect strawberry jam recipe for beginners that doesn’t use pectin, yet still produces a soft, spreadable and delicious jam.

Recipe by: Katharine

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Best served with scones and cream, this recipe makes around 1.5 kg of jam. Great in strawberry season.

Recipe by: oOoOLivOoOo

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Balsamic vinegar perfectly balances sweet strawberries in this homemade jam. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Balsamic Strawberry Jam Video.

Recipe by: Lisa

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A dash of balsamic vinegar makes all the different to strawberry jam, cutting the sweetness and adding new depth of flavour. Try it!

Recipe by: Joelle17

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This recipe for strawberry jam is simple and delicious. The perfect thing to make when strawberries are in season.

Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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Simple and easy strawberry jam recipe that uses fresh strawberries, powdered pectin and a dob of butter. This is great on toast, sandwiches and scones. Enjoy.

Recipe by: cookingismylife

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Strawberry has to be the easiest jam to make since it is so naturally high in pectin. Use preserving sugar for best results.

Recipe by: Aeroz

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When stone fruit are really ripe and in season, put them up for winter with this strawberry and peach jam. Ginger adds a little fire to awaken your taste buds!

Recipe by: Pause-Gourmande

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Pepper adds an amazing touch to sweet strawberry jam. You can find jarred green peppercorns at the supermarket, they are more subtle and fruity than dried pepper.

Recipe by: Kuechen_PIONIER

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This basic strawberry jam recipe uses strawberries, lemon juice, sugar and balsamic vinegar, simmered together for an hour. Nothing beats homemade jam.

Recipe by: Julie

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