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Crepes are similar to pancakes but thinner and typically served with a filling. Often crepes are thought of as a dessert but there are also savoury options.

Top Crepe Recipes

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This is an easy to prepare classic French dish that tastes great and can create quite a spectacle at your next party as the crapes are flambéed.

Recipe by: Hanni

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A simple crepes recipe, perfect for a weekend breakfast. Serve with fresh fruit, whipped cream or ice cream.

Recipe by: Sally

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Terve these extremely light and delicious crepes are whizzed up in a blender. Serve as dessert with cream and your favourite fruit or chocolate spread.

Recipe by: GERAL1012

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Crepes are very easy to make for a delicious breakfast or dessert. Eat them with just a little sugar and lemon juice, or fill with fresh fruit or ice cream.

Recipe by: Claire

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Crepes are a fantastic warm dessert, easier to make than you think. They are best served with real maple syrup or ice cream and chocolate topping.

Recipe by: SAMMYSAM

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How to Make Crepes
How to Make Crepes

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