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    Capsicums (or bell peppers as some people call them) are an amazingly versatile ingredient that can be stuffed, stir fried, stewed, barbecued or roasted.

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    27 reviews

    Using angle hair spaghetti this easy side dish includes capsicum and mushrooms in a ginger rice wine dressing.

    Recipe by: Christine

    82 reviews

    This zingy hummus is flavoured with feta cheese and roasted capsicums. Serve with chips, pita chips or cut vegetables.

    Recipe by: Valerie

    166 reviews

    This is a Cuban-style dish, a one pot meal that is very easy and satisfying. You can also eat it wrapped in tortillas if you like.

    Recipe by: Chris Barila

    528 reviews

    We like spicy and sweet, and this hummus is both. This is delicious whether you are dipping carrots or pitta bread.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

    39 reviews

    Chouriço is simply the Portuguese chorizo. All the better if you can find Portuguese chouriço for this dish, but the more common Spanish chorizo will work just fine. Serve over mash or rice.

    Recipe by: MRSBONA

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    • videoTitle
      Cajun Chicken and Capsicum Pasta
    • videoTitle
      Classic Spanish Tortilla
    • videoTitle
      Manchego Vegetable Stew
    • videoTitle
      Classic Ratatouille
    • videoTitle
      Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad
    • videoTitle
      Letcho Stew
    • videoTitle
      Letcho Stew
    • videoTitle
      Capsicum and Feta Hummus

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