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Sometimes there's nothing better than a sorbet, ice cream or a chocolate covered banana. Perfect for hot summer nights.

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Yoghurt can be substituted with coconut cream, if you prefer a vegan version. Since this recipe was made without an ice cream maker, if you leave it overnight it will freeze solid so you’ll need to let it soften a lot before serving or eat soon after making.

Recipe by: Morsels

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This cold ice cream pudding makes a cool - yet still special - alternative to boiled Christmas pudding. Perfect for summer!

Recipe by: SnowYs

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This is a wonderful dairy free ice cream that is rich in chocolate that is an ideal accompaniment to your favourite dessert.

Recipe by: julmagic

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This is a very basic and easy gelato recipe that you can any flavour any way you like, try flakes of chocolate, vanilla, caramel or fresh strawberries.

Recipe by: OSTAFF1

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For this chocolate ice cream you will need an ice cream maker. It is very rich and quite sinfully good!

Recipe by: Leckerschmecker

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A lovely frozen drink which combines fresh pineapple and mint leaves. Deliciously refreshing on a hot day and super quick to make.

Recipe by: Cathie

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Peach and passionfruit ice cream. Just right on a hot night. So easy to make. My own recipe.

Recipe by: shazzieau

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Coffee soaked sponge biscuits layered with chocolate studded custard's a little bit fancy!

Recipe by: Linda

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Homemade ice cream flavoured with coffee is swirled with caramel to make a great adult style dessert.

Recipe by: dana

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Using pre-made ice cream, hot fudge topping and chocolate biscuits an amazing ice cream cake is created. Serve with whipped cream and cherries.


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