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    Muffins do not always need to be sweet! Try a savoury muffin recipe such as with cheese, bacon, chilli, herbs or even salami.

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    Serve these at dinner as a nice change from yeast-type rolls. A pebbly surface, feathery texture and medium-coarse grain indicates a good muffin.

    Recipe by: Judi

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    An impressive starter, these savoury muffins come with a luscious smoked salmon and cream cheese filling in the centre. Perfect for entertaining, these can be made a few hours ahead - simply chill until 30 minutes before serving. You could also make mini muffins instead for 'canape size' bites, and use the salmon mixture only as a topping.

    Recipe by: Beataƚniechowska

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    Lovely savoury muffins which are crunchy on top and soft and moist inside. These are great for lunchboxes or breakfast on the go.

    Recipe by: SamUK

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    Great little savoury muffins with onion, carrot, zucchini, bacon and cheese. Excellent for finger food or snacking -.

    Recipe by: KerriD

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    Delicious muffins with the yummy mixture of sundried tomatoes and cheese. One of my favourite recipes.

    Recipe by: Beksie

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      Savoury Mustard Muffins with Smoked Salmon Cream

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