Healthy Biscuits (20)

    When having a break it is nice to have a biscuit or cookie that is a little healthy; these are a small selection of healthy cookie and biscuit recipes.

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    Top Healthy Biscuit Recipes

    995 reviews

    These biscuits are nutritious, as well as very delicious made with no flour - just oats. The banana and oats make these a filling morning or afternoon tea snack.

    Recipe by: K.Gailbrath

    6 reviews

    Oats help protect your heart by lowering cholesterol levels. These drop biscuits are easy to make and very delicious.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    80 reviews

    These biscuits have lots of hidden goodness and taste great too. These biscuits will stay soft and moist because of the zucchini.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

    125 reviews

    Here's a good and healthy oatmeal biscuit, not necessarily too sweet. For variety add chopped raisins or currants or nuts.

    Recipe by: TI2GR

    130 reviews

    These chocolate chip biscuits are a low fat version for those of us who can't live without biscuits. This recipe makes one dozen -- if I make any more than that I end up eating too many!

    Recipe by: janetk

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