Chinese Cabbage (23)

Chinese cabbage is an essential ingredient in recipes such as hot pots, stir fries, kimchi. Start exploring the possibilities of Chinese cabbage today.

Top Chinese Cabbage Recipes

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Crunchy noodle and Chinese/wombok cabbage salad that is easy to make and really tasty. This is my favourite salad recipe for barbecues.

Recipe by: cheekymonkee

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In this recipe the fish is steamed on a bed of spring onions and Chinese cabbage. Serve with rice, using some of the sauce from the steamer. Trout, ling, bream or any firm-fleshed fish will work for this recipe.

Recipe by: KAM_SUNG

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I use Thai-style sweet chilli sauce to give this stir fry a bit of a kick. You can adjust the chilli flakes to your taste if you want more heat.

Recipe by: thriftybob

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Beef and cabbage make a great stir fry. Chinese cabbage is also known as wombok, or you can substitute with a large head of bok choy.

Recipe by: Chelsea

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Dry ramen noodles, blanched slivered almonds and Chinese cabbage combine with a vinegar dressing in this tasty salad.

Recipe by: Juanita Peek

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