Savoury Tarts (52)

    Tarts are a great cousin to the pie and provide a wide range of recipes as a savoury dish including tomato, mushroom and bacon options.

    Top Savoury Tart Recipes

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    A great dish as a light dinner with a green salad. I have used heaps of different cheeses with this and it's always good. Remember when seasoning that there is salt in the bacon and cheese, so don't over salt.

    Recipe by: dudey

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    This beautiful vegetable tart is elegant, delicious and easy to make! Fresh carrots and zucchini are rolled into rose shapes and placed in a lovely cheese filling to bake to perfection, all lovingly encased in tasty puff pastry. Watch the video to see how easy it is to make!

    Recipe by: Magda

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    A sheet of puff pastry, some chopped onion, capsicum and tomatoes, feta cheese to top, and you have dinner or lunch. Delicious and healthy!

    Recipe by: Rupert Smith

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    These are really easy crowd pleasers. They can be served hot and then the flavour changes when they are served cold, I can't decide how I like them best. Depending on how many moulds you use depends upon your yield. for example one sheet of pastry will give you 12 little tart cases.

    Recipe by: Gumdrop

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    Ready-made puff pastry lets you turn leeks, cheese and a dash of mustard into a dish that looks as pretty as a picture.

    Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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      Romantic Veggie Rose Tart

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