When asparagus is in season it is cheap and plentiful. So make the most of it by making a fresh asparagus soup, risotto or salad.

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    Sautéed asparagus, pancetta and rocket tossed in pasta with rocket and lemon juice make a simple flavourful dinner with minimal cooking. I often use spaghetti for this and you can substitute any pasta. Serve with grated parmesan if liked.

    Recipe by: Asiangirl

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    Asparagus is a wonderful flavour when cooked from fresh; this soup recipe also uses yoghurt, lemon and Parmesan cheese to create a rich and enjoyable meal.

    Recipe by: nanook

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    This barbecue recipe is delicious when asparagus is in season during the spring and summer months. Well worth the effort!

    Recipe by: DJFoodie

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    This is an easy light supper, perfect for when asparagus is in season.

    Recipe by: S. Butters

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    At first this seems like a strange combination but the recipe works with the smoky salmon, crunchy pecans and fresh peas and lettuce is a tart Dijon and lemon dressing.

    Recipe by: MOMMYBENNETT

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    This is a simple dish that is so delicious! A one-pot wonder that takes advantage of nice fresh asparagus and peas.

    Recipe by: Jessica

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    If you've been boiling asparagus I urge you to change your ways. Asparagus is best oven roasted with crispy parmesan and good balsamic vinegar.

    Recipe by: Kimber

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    The two best ways to cook asparagus are either to roast it or pan fry it as in this recipe which uses fresh crushed garlic. Delectable as a side dish.

    Recipe by: Kim

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    Serve the dressed asparagus alone as a first course, or as a luxurious vegetable accompaniment.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    A rich source of B vitamins and protein, ham is surprisingly low in fat. The sodium content can be quite high, however, but reduced-sodium hams are available.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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