Whole Chicken (70)

There's more you can do with a whole chicken than roasting it (though that's good too)! Try BBQ chicken, slow cooker chicken and chicken soup with a whole chicken.

Top Whole Chicken Recipes

5 reviews

Your basic roast chicken, cooked at high temperature at first then lower so the bird remains nice and flavourful. Good spice blend with a bit of heat.

Recipe by: Nancy

11 reviews

It's just chicken and vegetables simmered together but it's so satisfying! Experiment with additions like fresh chopped herbs, lemon and rice, or shredded cabbage and cannellini beans.

Recipe by: Jill

7 reviews

Roast chicken in a slow cooker for busy people! Put the chicken on in the morning, and have golden brown roast chicken for dinner.

Recipe by: 'Cotton' Couch

8 reviews

I love the richness of cooking a whole chicken but don’t always have the time to focus on a roast, this slow cooker chicken has all the flavour without the hassle.

Recipe by: Dawn Ash

6 reviews

This is a wonderful way to prepare your roast chook using fresh herbs - just plan a day ahead so it has time to marinate. An easy entertaining meal that will please your guests!

Recipe by: Beverly Auguadro

Whole Chicken Videos

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