Pumpkin Soup

    Over 75 versions of this popular soup from home cooks all over the world - spicy Thai, creamy curries, savoury roasted, hearty vegan, plus VIDEO for making pumpkin puree.

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    This is a very thick and hearty soup of pumpkin, lentils and corn. Turmeric and cumin add a delightful fragrance.

    Recipe by: Sandy

    4 reviews

    I started making this soup back in the 80s it always been a crowd and family favourite. I once left the apple out and you could tell something was missing but couldn't tell what.

    Recipe by: Lindi

    19 reviews

    This is a tried and true pumpkin soup recipe. A thick soup almost a puree is a meal in itself, ideal with just some bread on the side. You can give or take with listed ingredients to your liking. Play around as you come to the final stages of soup; add a bit more sugar or curry powder etc.

    Recipe by: Jo

    4 reviews

    Every now and then I have a craving to make this beautiful, easy and hearty pumpkin soup, by adding a bit of cream it seems to gain an extra richness and smoothness.

    Recipe by: elisabeth

    3 reviews

    As weird as most people find this soup sounding, there is a resounding response. Everyone LOVES it. Also, it may be hard to find hominy, which is a form of corn maize, here in Australia. My solution is to replace it with a white bean.

    Recipe by: arentyoucute

    4 reviews

    Colourful pumpkin soup has been a beloved winter warmer for generations.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

    2 reviews

    This is a creamy pumpkin soup that uses coconut milk for a dairy free recipe. Curry and roasted banana add an Indian touch. Perfect for the cold winter months.

    Recipe by: nch

    4 reviews

    This is suitable to make for a crowd or to freeze in smaller amounts for a family meal. Select ripe pumpkin as the colour is important to the visual effect.

    Recipe by: Marlz

    38 reviews

    This is basically a pumpkin soup with a chicken stock base but the addition of sweet potatoes adds a little more flavour and colour.

    Recipe by: Simon Taylor

    2 reviews

    Pumpkin soup the Kiwi way. Without all the frilly spices and herbs, this is a classic creamy pumpkin soup with a hint of onion and bacon. Nothing better on a cold day.

    Recipe by: CheekyKiwi

    2 / 10

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