Chicken Pieces (62)

    Chicken pieces are a popular way of cooking chicken in stews, casseroles and curries with the bones providing a great depth of flavour.

    Top Chicken Piece Recipes

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    Mum's recipe for success includes pouring white wine over the partially cooked chicken. I've used sherry in a pinch!

    Recipe by: CHRISTYJ

    7 reviews

    Started as an attempt to find a healthier and less expensive alternative to KFC. The end result is simply fantastic. Tender beautifully flavoured chicken with a crunchy beautifully flavoured coating. It just doesn’t get any better. KFC WAS GOOD, BUT WEST IS BEST!

    Recipe by: Puckles

    216 reviews

    A traditional Lebanese dish of baked chicken and potatoes with garlic and lemon. Unbelievably simple but ever so delicious.

    Recipe by: guyworldwide

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    This is my adaptation of tandoori chicken. The yoghurt and overnight marination makes the chicken delicious and tender.

    Recipe by: DIGGETYDOG

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    This is the recipe I use to make chicken stock for use in other recipes. This one-step method needs to simmer for 8 to 10 hours, and yields approximately one litre of rich chicken stock to use in soups and sauces.

    Recipe by: Micki Stout

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