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Trifles are a quick, easy, light and popular summer dessert. There are lots of fruit, jelly, custard, cake and cream recipe combinations to choose from.

Top Trifle Recipes

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This is an easy dessert that features apples sautéed with cinnamon and nutmeg then layered in a trifle with cream, custard and toffee sauce.

Recipe by: sweettooth

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An easy trifle using custard powder, jelly and tinned fruit cocktail. You can make this dessert in no time.

Recipe by: COOKALOT

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The beautiful thing about this trifle is you can use whatever fruits you like. Here I use strawberries, blueberries and bananas but mangoes and raspberries also work well.

Recipe by: SHANNON_B

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This is a basic trifle recipe to which you can add your own favourite touches, such as seasonal fresh fruit or a hint of a different spices.

Recipe by: giddygert

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This will keep refrigerated overnight but a lot of liquid collects in the bottom and it doesn't look very attractive, still tastes great though.

Recipe by: SUEB34

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