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    Trifles are a quick, easy, light and popular summer dessert. There are lots of fruit, jelly, custard, cake and cream recipe combinations to choose from.

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    This is a tradition in our house at Christmas although is perfect for any time especially tot summer evenings.

    Recipe by: BushCook

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    Lovely layers of chocolate custard, coconut custard and sponge finger biscuits, all topped with whipped cream. Watch this dessert being made in the Allrecipes Chocolate Coconut Trifle video.

    Recipe by: terezinha

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    An easy trifle using custard powder, jelly and tinned fruit cocktail. You can make this dessert in no time.

    Recipe by: COOKALOT

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    The beautiful thing about this trifle is you can use whatever fruits you like. Here I use strawberries, blueberries and bananas but mangoes and raspberries also work well.

    Recipe by: SHANNON_B

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    This trifle has many of the Tiramasu tradmarks of coffee and rich cream but as a trifle it also has strawberries, boudoir fingers, vanilla pudding and chocolate.

    Recipe by: Tina

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      Chocolate And Coconut Trifle

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