Coffee Cheesecake

    Coffee and cheesecake are two of the world's most popular flavours - why not combine them into one delicious and decadent dessert recipe?

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    Lovely velvety smooth mocha cheesecake decorated with chocolate leaves. It's even better made a day ahead.

    Recipe by: Çigdem

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    Coffee and caramel are two of my favourite flavours - so I decided to create a caramel macchiato cheesecake!

    Recipe by: Dawn

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    This chocolate and coffee cheesecake is the perfect way to finish off a dinner although I do look forward to leftovers for my morning tea the next day.

    Recipe by: KATRON

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    This cheesecake pulls out all the stops. It contains chocolate, mascarpone, coffee liquer such as Tia Maria and sponge fingers.

    Recipe by: K.G. Chocholic

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    These coffee cheesecake bars are so good either served as a snack or as a rich dessert with a little whipped cream. A bit of trouble but well worth it.

    Recipe by: Stephanie

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    A little bit of this white chocolate cheesecake goes a long way so it's the ideal dessert for dinner parties with lots of people.

    Recipe by: Elizabeth Wood

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    A rich coffee vanilla flavoured cheesecake made with sour cream and cream cheese. Baked on a base of pecans and chocolate wafer crumbs. Serve chilled.

    Recipe by: Jenn Hall

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    This coffee cheesecake has a thick base which is the brownie layer. It is baked and then the cheesecake filling poured on top of that and baked in a water bath.

    Recipe by: Cathie

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