Truffles (33)

Truffles are chocolate confectionary with a creamy ganache centre, usually in the shape of a ball. They make a great decadent treat or food gift.

Top Truffle Recipes

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These chocolate and coffee truffles make the perfect sweet treat to have with coffee after a formal meal; having said that I eat them pretty much at anytime anywhere.

Recipe by: Lilo

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Chocolate truffles are a great Christmas or anytime snack; the recipe is easy to follow for your next homemade treat. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Chocolate Truffles Video.

Recipe by: ezsteve

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This lovely tart is perfect for a dinner party; it's impressive, quick and no cook. Although it only takes a few minutes to assemble, leave at least 8 hours before serving for the tart to chill. It can be made in either a 20 or 23cm pie dish or tart pan.

Recipe by: Holly

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These chocolate orange truffles are super easy to make and require no thermometer or tempering of the chocolate.

Recipe by: Terry

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This recipe makes delectable white chocolate and coconut truffles. The almond in the centre is optional but recommended!

Recipe by: skinnylittlecook

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