Afternoon Tea

    Afternoon tea can give you that savoury snack you need to get you through the rest of the day. Recipe suggestions include scones, rolls, biscuits and pies.

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    This is a really easy carrot cake that takes almost no time at all to prepare. I love in for afternoon tea and for picnics.

    Recipe by: Mandy

    6 reviews

    This easy cake is wonderful hot or cold, for morning or afternoon tea or a dessert. A definite family favourite.

    Recipe by: Ellen Rainey

    76 reviews

    Spiced golden syrup biscuits that are sliced into bars. Spiced with cinnamon and cloves then loaded with golden sultanas, these make a mean afternoon tea.

    Recipe by: AUNT MAMIE

    88 reviews

    Panettone is Italian Christmas bread but it is just fine any time of the year for breakfast or afternoon tea. Delicious!

    Recipe by: Lacey Lynn

    35 reviews

    Barm Brack is bread from Ireland where it is traditionally associated with their celebration of Halloween. I just like it for afternoon tea with lots of butter.

    Recipe by: Ruth

    37 reviews

    These are crunchy biscuits a bit like biscotti but simpler to make, with only four ingredients. Perfect for afternoon tea or with coffee.

    Recipe by: Debbi

    15 reviews

    These would make a great morning or afternoon tea snack. Even invite some friends around to share as this recipe makes 12 serves.

    Recipe by: abbze4

    57 reviews

    More than just a cheese scone, this recipe also includes mustard powder and cayenne to give it an extra savoury kick for your next afternoon tea.

    Recipe by: Beaklet

    1029 reviews

    These biscuits are nutritious, as well as very delicious made with no flour - just oats. The banana and oats make these a filling morning or afternoon tea snack.

    Recipe by: K.Gailbrath

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    Pikelets make a great breakfast or afternoon tea snack. Serve with jam, butter, whipped cream or lemon.

    Recipe by: SARASVATI_X

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