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    Baking a cake does not need to be difficult, there are many easy cake recipes whether it is a plain cake, chocolate cake or cheesecake you are looking for.

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    These cupcakes are different in that they use cinnamon as the flavour and not vanilla. They are delicious and easy.

    Recipe by: Evil...Panda

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    This moist and delicious cake is ideal to make when fresh pears are in season. It's also lower in fat and cholesterol than most regular cakes.

    Recipe by: Barbara

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    This is a delicious Christmas fruit cake that you can make on any budget and even those fussy kids will enjoy it, this has been passed through my family and it is always a hit. you can ice it or leave it as it is.

    Recipe by: livelife

    447 reviews

    You will find this cake rises nicely and has great texture. If you prefer more sweetness, ice it with chocolate icing or add some chocolate chips to the mix.

    Recipe by: MARIASUE

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    No creaming sugar and butter, just adding wet ingredients to dry!! My beloved mother-in-law gave me this recipe when I was a novice cook, many years ago, knowing I would gain confidence with each success.

    Recipe by: AngieW

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    This throw together” fruit cake is not a decadent fruit cake but is scrumptious nonetheless. I offer it to you as a perfect natural rescue remedy for any sugar cravings, or as a quick easy cake for surprise guests. You could literally throw this together and be chowing down in under an hour.

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    You will never believe a recipe with so few ingredients can be so tasty. This is an Indian dessert called Bhapa Doi which is very light and delectable.

    Recipe by: Priyanka

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    This is a very easy and plain baked cheesecake that I like to serve with fresh fruit or a rich fruit coulis.

    Recipe by: Samantha

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    These are very sweet and are super quick and easy to make. My sisters love it. The steps are simple and the ingredients are easy to remember, so you'll be baking it time and time again!

    Recipe by: ChefSmiley

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    This cake is practical and can be used as a base for other cakes, e.g. you can add fruit to it if you wish.

    Recipe by: Carol

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