Stollen is a traditional German fruitcake that is usually eaten during the Christmas season. It is a great recipe choice as it is easy to make.

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    A German cake/bread traditionally eaten around Christmas Stollen is packed with fruits and flavour. This version requires no kneading which many other versions do.

    Recipe by: Nicola

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    This is a great recipe that is of German origin that is filled with dried fruit. It makes a perfect food gift at Christmas.

    Recipe by: SweetTooth

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    I got this stollen recipe while I was Head Baker at the Dorchester Hotel in London. It's a traditional German Christmas bread packed with dried fruit and filled with a marzipan surprise.

    Recipe by: Lee Smith

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    This is a great recipe for the traditional German fruit bread known as Stollen. It combines sultanas, currents, mixed peal and lemon zest in a soft dough. Perfect for Christmas brunch.

    Recipe by: lirum_larum_löffelstiel

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    This is a great stollen recipe with sultanas and currents soaked in rum. I like to make it at Easter and Christmas.

    Recipe by: Sophie

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    Stollen is a traditional German bread that usually eaten during the Christmas season; it is packed with sultanas, almonds and crystallised fruit.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    This delicious German stollen recipe has an apple filling. You can use whichever apples you prefer, I like tart ones like Braeburns.

    Recipe by: FrauHolle

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    To make the best stollen you need to use quark cheese which can be hard to find. Cottage cheese makes an adequate substitute.

    Recipe by: wuschel66

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    A little different from your traditonal stollen bread, this recipe has a creamy poppyseed filling. It's the perfect thing for the holidays.

    Recipe by: monika1969

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    A delicious, traditonal German Christmas bread that is packed full of dried fruit, candied peel and almonds.

    Recipe by: Marianne

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