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    Seafood is so varied and the kinds of seafood pies you can make are limitless. Are you looking for recipes for crab, prawns, white fish, scallops...?

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    If you use a premade pastry shell this seafood quiche is extremely simple to make using crab and Gruyere or Swiss cheese. Tangy and lovely!

    Recipe by: Christine Johnson

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    This is a very tasty seafood recipe - fish, prawns and scallops baked in a parsley cream sauce topped with potatoes. If like you can tone it down by adding water instead of fish stock. But I personally think its better with the stock.

    Recipe by: volos

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    A beautiful pie which can use pretty much any seafood you prefer. It is topped with a homemade turmeric potato pastry crust.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

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    This is a quick and easy quiche using prawns and crabs. I like it for a quiet weekend lunch with a nice cold cocktail.

    Recipe by: Valeriel

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    You don’t often think of salmon in a pie, but this works surprisingly well. With a strange combination of salmon and potato it goes well served with a béchamel sauce.

    Recipe by: MACKENZIE

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    This is a shepherd's pie type of pie but with trevally and prawns instead of lamb. Serve with peas and other vegetables.

    Recipe by: Tom

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    A simple fish pie can be transformed into a feast by the addition of prawns and mushrooms. Serve with a colourful medley of steamed vegetables, such as snow or sugarsnap peas, carrots and baby corn.

    Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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    To gently reheat these small savoury pies, wrap them loosely in baking paper.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    Filled with stir-fried prawns (large shrimp) and a mixture of crisp, colourful vegetables, these tartlets make a good light snack or starter. The pastry cases can be made ahead.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis and Joachim Wahnschaffe

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    This is an old British recipe I adapted to suit our local snapper. It's incredibly simple and very good served with peas.

    Recipe by: Robert2

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