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Try some of our great recipes for sweet puddings such as chocolate pudding, rice pudding, bread pudding and plum pudding; plus savoury puddings such as Yorkshire and black pudding.

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2 reviews

This version of sticky date pudding is easy and rich with dates. A pudding cake with caramel sauce served over the top.

Recipe by: Maree

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A lovely sticky toffee pudding with dates. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Sticky Toffee Pudding Video.

Recipe by: CakeQueen

25 reviews

This is a warm, rich, silky, but very traditional pudding, perfect with vanilla ice cream on a cold winter night. Its almost guaranteed not to fail, and if you have kids they will enjoy the way the sauce slowly creeps to the bottom during cooking.

Recipe by: Ilena G

22 reviews

Flavour this simple sponge pudding by adding raspberry jam or golden syrup to the bottom of the microwave-safe bowl.

Recipe by: BUTTERCUP8

11 reviews

This is out of my mum's recipe diary, it's a favorite for cooler months although she would make it year round. It's delicious and although some include sultanas - I've left these out because I don't like them. If you do add them - sprinkle them in-between the bread before you pour on the mixture.

Recipe by: PetiteMiam

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How to Make Sticky Toffee Pudding
How to Make Sticky Toffee Pudding
How to Make Spanish Rice Pudding
How to Make Spanish Rice Pudding

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