Nutmeg adds a wonderful complex flavour to cakes, biscuits and muffin recipes. Nutmeg is also traditionally used in mulled wine and cider and some pasta sauces.

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    This is a great recipe that includes instructions for both the scratch making of the pastry and also the guidance for a wonderful sweet apple filling.

    Recipe by: Brian Francis Green

    38 reviews

    This is the classic comforting pudding with sultanas and nutmeg added for interest. Great in cold weather.

    Recipe by: Twylla

    61 reviews

    Nutmeg makes this dish of spinach steamed and blended into a creamy sauce a little more enticing. Great for a side dish with the roast!

    Recipe by: mscougar

    34 reviews

    A simple tea cake with a nice buttermilk nutmeg taste. Sprinkle the icing with nutmeg for extra zing.

    Recipe by: Carol

    16 reviews

    Freshly baked herb bread is the perfect accompaniment to many dinners but especially hearty winter dishes like chicken stew.

    Recipe by: CAROLMAROL68

    24 reviews

    These delightful German nutmeg biscuits are soft and cake like in texture. They're very quick and easy to make and will definitely become a favourite.

    Recipe by: Barb Johnson

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    This is a very special bolognese sauce, zesty and bright. You can also adjust the amount of carrot and nutmeg to your own particular taste - this is how I like it.

    Recipe by: ALISONA

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    Basil and nutmeg add a subtly different feel to this Alfredo. This is the best and creamiest recipe I've found.

    Recipe by: AMETHYST

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    I love rhubarb cakes but I like to make them slightly spicy with nutmeg and cinnamon in the batter and topping.

    Recipe by: Jenny

    14 reviews

    A delicious nutmeg cake, light as a feather and with a beautiful texture. Best when topped with cream cheese icing.

    Recipe by: JAYNE04

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