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    This easy to make cheesecake is not too sweet or rich and requires no baking.

    Recipe by: WendyB

    6 reviews

    Kids of all ages love these, they are a perfect treat to pop in lunch boxes.

    Recipe by: mumof2

    3 reviews

    This is a nice way to turn fresh raspberries into a sweet and tasty dessert. Really easy no bake recipe that the kids can even help make.

    Recipe by: MumAndMe

    2 reviews

    These are a cute little biscuit that me and the boys made for Valentines Day this year, but they could be used for any matters of the heart.

    Recipe by: MumAndMe

    47 reviews

    This is a wonderful Christmas sauce for the roast. It goes well with turkey, chicken or any meat really.

    Recipe by: Ryan Downs

    25 reviews

    Plain raspberry jelly becomes tangy and interesting when combined with fresh cranberries simmered in syrup until they burst.

    Recipe by: Maryprinc

    129 reviews

    This twin layer fudge is easy to make, looks awesome and tastes great. Be a sure to use a good quality chocolate in the base layer and raspberry liqueur on the top layer.

    Recipe by: leeza

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    This is a simple cake recipe that I used to make cupcakes. The amount of raspberries is a guide only - I had a handful of frozen raspberries leftover so I used them. You could use more.

    Recipe by: isobel

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    These muffins have fresh raspberries, white chocolate bits added to a homemade vanilla muffin recipe for an amazing gourmet muffin.

    Recipe by: kmy

    19 reviews

    These are a wonderful dairy-free muffins (they use coconut milk) that the whole family can enjoy. You can replace the raspberries with other fruits; blueberries, strawberries, apple, rhubarb, bananas or even chocolate chips.

    Recipe by: julmagic

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