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    Try some of these great recipes for favourites like raspberry cheesecake, raspberry chocolate muffins, raspberry jam and raspberry coulis.

    Top Raspberry Recipes

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    Raspberry vinegar is easy to make and a great condiment to have around the house as a base for salad dressings.

    Recipe by: gartenfee

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    Pan roasted duck breasts served with a delicious cinnamon raspberry sauce. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Video.

    Recipe by: Wynne

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    Fruit muffins are always a treat and these turn out well. You can use other fruit if you like but raspberries are our favourite. The lemon zest is a delicious touch.

    Recipe by: Kathy

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    Scrumptious raspberry slice with a crisp buttery biscuit bottom, raspberry jam filling and a sweet coconut topping. Sometimes called Louis cake.

    Recipe by: The Walters

    1288 reviews

    This is the easiest slice to make and it is even better if you have homemade raspberry jam to use. Great for picnics, lunch boxes, school fetes and anytime really.

    Recipe by: Holly

    Raspberry Videos

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      Pan Roasted Duck Breast
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      Raspberry Jelly Ice Blocks
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      Raspberry Pain au Chocolat

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