Apple Sauce (26)

    Apple sauce is a great use of stewed apples and can be used in many ways, as a sauce with pork, alone as a dessert or as an ingredient in baking.

    Top Apple Sauce Recipes

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    This homemade apple sauce goes well with lots of things but I serve it with these Latkes. Easy and delicious.

    Recipe by: PHATCAT

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    Make this delicious cake with either home made or store bought apple sauce. Watch this cake being made in the Allrecipes Apple Sauce Cake video.

    Recipe by: Magpie

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    Stewed apples make a delicious breakfast but can also be served with dessert, as a sauce over ice cream or cake.

    Recipe by: 356

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    Pork is marinated in soy sauce, garlic, ginger, mustard and thyme overnight then baked and served with an apple and sherry sauce. Amazing.

    Recipe by: Cookinkim

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    This is my take on stewed apples. It's tart and sweet and excellent on its own, with porridge or as a dessert. Yummo!

    Recipe by: Ladynightshade

    Apple Sauce Videos

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      Apple Sauce Cake
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      How to Make and Preserve Apple Sauce

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