Cucumber Salad (60)

Cucumber is a delicious cool ingredient for a light summer salad. Recipes include serving it raw, marinated in vinegar or yoghurt or tossed with herbs.

Top Cucumber Salad Recipes

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Cool, delicious cucumber salad. For a pretty salad, peel only half of each cucumber, leaving strips of skin on each.

Recipe by: maoftwo

5 reviews

A simple summer salad of cucumber and onion marinated in red wine vinegar, mirin, sugar, ginger and lime juice.

Recipe by: Christiane Potts

6 reviews

Cool summer vegetables like corn, tomatoes and capsicum and fragrant spices make for a colourful salad with a Mexcian influence! A zesty compliment to a BBQ!


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A good starter that combines fresh tuna with a sesame soy dressing. Make sure to use the freshest tuna available.

Recipe by: JULESKICKS2

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This is a refreshing blend of yoghurt, cucumber, dill and garlic and is a great accompaniment to lamb. Mint may be used in place of the dill.

Recipe by: Violet Grillo-Derderian

Cucumber Salad Videos

How to make a Japanese Cucumber Salad
How to make a Japanese Cucumber Salad

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