Leeks are a popular ingredient providing a mild onion like flavour to many soup, stew and pie recipes including potato and leek soup and leek quiche.

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    Chicken and leeks slowly simmered in a smooth creamy sauce then all topped off with a flaky puff pastry crust. A nice big pie in a casserole dish.

    Recipe by: andrew

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    Leeks give this soup a delicious fresh flavour and also add fibre.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

    140 reviews

    It's an original French recipe my mum used to make. Great to eat with a salad any time of year. Absolutely delicious!!! Can be prepared the day before and served as a entree or main.

    Recipe by: plumedargent

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    Thanks to my Mum for this recipe that I have now adopted as my family's favourite. Leeks, potato, stock and cream to serve. Easy as that.

    Recipe by: Imoginv

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    This is a great "winter warmer" soup that really goes down well. It has a great taste and is so much healthier than tinned soups with the additives, preservatives,artificial flavours etc. It's a winner everytime in my home!

    Recipe by: lisa

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    This lovely and creamy leek soup has two kinds of cheese and mustard powder to give it a little kick. Serve with fresh bread if possible.

    Recipe by: Lesley Robinson

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    A delicious dish for the whole family, creamy and very flavoursome this dish has been a favourite for years and is quite easy. Can be eaten on its own, with rice or pasta, or as a pie filling.

    Recipe by: shmicko

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    This is a healthy low fat version of leek and broccoli soup. It is so good your family won't know the difference. Serve with bread for sopping.

    Recipe by: Matt Hunt Gardner

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    This soup can be made even better with the addition of crumbled bacon.

    Recipe by: Ashley

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    You don't need to use chicken stock, I've just found that it enhances the fullness of the soup. The ingredients don't have to be perfectly chopped, it tastes great when they're chunky :) Feel free to add as much or as little of every ingredient as you wish, though too much stock gives a yellow appearance, and too much dill, salt or pepper can overpower the soup.

    Recipe by: raver.baby

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