Fried Chicken (46)

    Fried chicken is quick and easy to prepare. Look here for tasty recipes that include deep fried chicken, curry fried chicken, pan fried chicken and more!

    Top Fried Chicken Recipes

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    Homemade chicken breast schnitzels are crumbed and fried before being topped with a homemade lime sauce that includes chives and dill.

    Recipe by: SMLUCY

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    Imagine being able to have fresh KFC original recipe tenders every time? Now you can by making them yourself in less than 30 minutes!

    Recipe by: henrytad

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    Started as an attempt to find a healthier and less expensive alternative to KFC. The end result is simply fantastic. Tender beautifully flavoured chicken with a crunchy beautifully flavoured coating. It just doesn’t get any better. KFC WAS GOOD, BUT WEST IS BEST!

    Recipe by: Puckles

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    This marinade can be used with almost anything, I think! It's very simple, only a handful of ingredients, and makes great pan fried chicken.

    Recipe by: Saadiah Din

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    Chicken is coated in a flavoursom combination of herbs and spices then deep fried until a goldern brown. Served with a homemade sauce it is a family favourite.

    Recipe by: captbunzo

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