Frosting is a popular cake topping originating in America. Unlike icing, frosting tends to be bulkier and contain cream cheese, marshmallows or similar.

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    The sourness of sour cream is a wonderful balance to a sweet chocolate cake, making it richer but subtler too.

    Recipe by: kate

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    This is a quick and easy recipe for buttercream icing. It is useful to decorate just about any cake.

    Recipe by: Kris

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    This is the perfect buttercream icing for coating cakes as well as doing decorative borders. Easy to make.

    Recipe by: Rick Mazzuca

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    This is a simple buttercream recipe with a pink hue but you can use any colour you like. It is ideal for decorating special occasion cakes.

    Recipe by: Judy Wattenbarger

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    This is my all time fav icing. It was part of a cake that our family made in the south in the US. Grandma made it for every birthday. Normally this tops a white cake with a custard filling. However, I have added some boysenberry syrup and it turned purple and tasted fabbbbbb. Also, you can leave as is and top with toasted coconut. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: arentyoucute

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    This is a great base icing to which you can add colours, or even melt in some miniature marshmallows for marshmallow icing.

    Recipe by: Carol

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    Eggs, butter and margarine make this buttercream icing very rich and delicate. Good for all sorts of cakes.

    Recipe by: bluelovers

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    This creamy chocolate icing is made a little bit tangy with the addition of sour cream. Great on chocolate cake.

    Recipe by: Mary Beth Guba

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    Sour cream adds a tangy note to a ganache icing. This is perfect whether on cakes or cupcakes or muffins.

    Recipe by: KatieMac

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    This is a delicious and versatile white lemony icing for use on any kind of coffee cake or cupcake.

    Recipe by: LillysMom

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