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Sweet and sour, one of the most common Chinese flavour combinations, it can be successfully cooked with beef, chicken, pork, fish or as a vegetarian option.

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1 review

Sweet and Sour is an easy meat and vegetable dish to cook for the family or guests, great tastes without too much work. If you don't have a wok use a high edged frypan or saucepan.

Recipe by: zabethdu44

9 reviews

Quick and easy way to serve pork. I don't usually like pork or pineapple but I can't get enough of this recipe. Goes well with rice and green vegetables.

Recipe by: KAZABABY

12 reviews

Make your own favourite Chinese takeaway and I guarantee it will taste even better and be healthier!

Recipe by: VINEYIS

5 reviews

This is a great recipe from Germany. The dressing is vinegar based and doesn't use oil (or mayonnaise), so it is low in calories, but high in flavour!

Recipe by: Paula

4 reviews

This is a lighter version of sweet and sour pork. The fresh flavours of the meat and vegetables really shine through.

Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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