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    Spring is the time to create recipes that celebrate all of the lovely fruits and vegetables that are just coming into season. Enjoy fresh asparagus, rhubarb, grapefruit and more with this recipe collection.

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    Asparagus is a wonderful flavour when cooked from fresh; this soup recipe also uses yoghurt, lemon and Parmesan cheese to create a rich and enjoyable meal.

    Recipe by: nanook

    17 reviews

    This nourishing cake keeps well in a covered container for three or four days. A denser cake with a more pronounced banana flavour is obtained by using very ripe bananas.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

    1066 reviews

    These lemon squares are so gooey they are almost like lemon curd. Easy to make and wonderfully delicious.

    Recipe by: Elaine

    55 reviews

    Chicken pie is a favourite with my kids just like it has always been a favourite of mine. This is a creamy version with mushrooms and leeks topped with puff pastry.

    Recipe by: macaw

    122 reviews

    Sliced strawberries are coated with a strawberry jam glaze, arranged on a tart shell, chilled and served with whipped cream. A lovely and simple barbecue or picnic dessert that kids and adults will love.

    Recipe by: Karin Christian

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