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    No matter the fruit combination whether it is apple, rhubarb, peach or something similar there are a wide range of crumble recipes to choose from.

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    A different type of crumble that uses blackberries, raspberries and blueberries. You could use whatever berries you like though and mix them up with apples or other fruit as well.

    Recipe by: Polly Giebler

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    This is slightly different to the usual apple crumble topping but is easy to make and utterly delicious. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Apple Crumble Video.

    Recipe by: Olga

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    I love apple crumble. Even more than apple pie. After many years of trial and error and amalgamating other recipes I think I've finally perfected it! Or to the delight of my taste buds anyway.

    Recipe by: chorazy

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    Rhubarb and apple is a great combination that is perfectly balanced in this easy to make crumble recipe. I like to serve it with a good ice cream or thick cream.

    Recipe by: IRONCHEFALLY

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    Cooked apples with a coconut crumble topping. You can substitute a large tin of apples to reduce cooking time and fuss. This is best eaten straight out of the oven while hot with ice-cream, cream, custard or all three!!!

    Recipe by: ELIZABETH101

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