St Patrick's Day Recipes (110)

    Everybody’s Irish on St Patrick’s Day, so dip into our recipes to find the best of your ancestral food. Remember, the day is not just about drinking Guinness – you can cook with it too! Find farls and soda bread, Irish stew, Irish coffee, Irish cream, Guinness bread and Guinness cake here.

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    91 reviews

    With Guinness and Baileys, so rich and decadent, a delicious Irish treat for St. Patrick's Day or any time of year!

    Recipe by: jowolf2

    39 reviews

    Dad has always been the master of this recipe which has been handed down from his parents. He makes it every week for a snack. It's beautiful cold and fills the house with that lovely smell of cloves. Once the meat is cold, the slices are just so tender, its awesome. You can make it with a white mustard sauce too if you are having it for dinner.

    Recipe by: Kabee

    8 reviews

    A simple batter with chopped or shredded corned beef. A great way to use up leftover corned beef. I've also add corn to these sometimes.

    Recipe by: NoCook

    246 reviews

    This creamy sweet fudge with two kinds of chocolate and chopped nuts will disappear as fast as a wink! Makes a great gift.

    Recipe by: Ruth Crickmer

    564 reviews

    Colcannon is often just mashed potatoes with kale but this version is beefed up with bacon and onion. Delicious, especially in the winter months.

    Recipe by: Diane

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