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    Need recipes from South-east Asia? Looking for recipes using coconut milk, lemon grass, palm sugar, mint, or fish sauce?

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    Perfect for lamb, this is a quick and easy marinade recipe that combines honey, chilli, lemon and curry. You can cook outside on the BBQ or inside on the stove or under the grill.

    Recipe by: DIPAR

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    This is an easy chicken dish where a whole chicken is brought to the boil then left in the hot water to finish cooking. Since this is such a simple dish make sure you buy the freshest, tastiest chicken you can find.

    Recipe by: Pat

    13 reviews

    This Thai-inspired sauce is great with prawns but also goes well with chicken, pork or lamb. Serve with rice to make it a whole meal.

    Recipe by: Ryan Nomura

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    A really simple tofu curry where tofu is browned in sesame oil then seasoned with coconut milk and green curry paste. Serve over white rice.

    Recipe by: Janet

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    These prawn and corn fritters can be eaten as the main component of a meal or as a side dish or even as a snack.

    Recipe by: Pat

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    These lean pork skewers are flavoured with Southeast Asian accents: lemongrass, fish sauce, fresh coriander and sweet chilli sauce.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    This is a wonderful curry that isn't too spicy that includes tender beef and chunks of potato in a rich thick sauce that features peanuts.

    Recipe by: Toi

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    These are tasty, Filipino butter biscuits that are great with a cup of tea. The cornflour in the recipe makes them light and crunchy

    Recipe by: John Pachecho

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    This is like a hot and sour cucumber soup-not a chilled one. The sour cream is optional.

    Recipe by: Dayna

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    This steamed chicken is delicious, easy and healthy. This is a popular way of preparing chicken in Southeast Asian countries.

    Recipe by: HANNAKRISTINA

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