Slow Cooker Recipes

Time to get out the Crock Pot for a great and easy slow cooker dinner. Try these recipes including slow cooker lamb, chicken, beef, curry, roasts or osso bucco.


This is so easy to make, and tastes wonderful. Be careful not to over cook the chicken. This is also just as tasty cold the next day in sandwiches

Recipe by: Nicole


Adapted from a lamb stew recipe as I cannot eat red meat and turned into a yummy slow cooker recipe.

Recipe by: yarn


Beef Stroganoff has always been a favourite casserole to eat, now with this slow cooker version it has become a favourite to cook.

Recipe by: heidigrl43434


A beautiful creamy dhal, great as a dip or an accompaniment to to and Indian feast.

Recipe by: christina65


This fantastic chilli beans recipe has been honed over 15 years of cooking laziness - prepared in 5 minutes and aged to perfection in a slow cooker. Stir it every couple of hours (if you're in the house) to help fuse flavours and eliminate any pot-sticking. Perfect for use with nachos, tacos, dips etc. You can use a tin of lentils instead of the vegetarian mince.

Recipe by: rob land


Hearty beef casserole with a delicious meaty gravy that goes great with mashed potatoes or crusty buttered bread. Perfect winter dish to feed the whole family.

Recipe by: amberstar


This is a Texas version of a hearty chilli using beef steak instead of mince and has a lot of spices, 4 teaspoons of chilli powder and cayenne pepper, but you can adjust to your tastes.

Recipe by: bakermama


Nice light summer fresh flavours to this rabbit dish. Suitable for a summer dish rather than the usual winter heavy rabbit dishes seen more commonly. There are only 2 of us so we use leftovers to make delicious steamed rabbit dumplings, rabbit soup or pie. I do it in the slow cooker so easy, tender and ready when you get home from work. If you find most rabbit dishes "too heavy" this is the dish for you! Could equally be done with chicken. This is suitable for low fat,low calorie, low GI, diabetic, low carb, gluten free, high protein, diary free and egg free diets.

Recipe by: mcadamia


Chick peas and potatoes are the foundation of this great winter warmer. When serving a boost of flavour is provided with the addition of pesto and sour cream.

Recipe by: bethany


This rice pudding may need a little sweetening after cooking as there is only sugar from the sultanas. Easy in the slow cooker.


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