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Called "Pollo en Pipian" in Mexico, this delicious main features chicken in a sauce of chillies, black olives, capers, toasted sesame seeds and blanched almonds.

Recipe by: Malcolm Colcleugh


It's just chicken and vegetables simmered together but it's so satisfying! Experiment with additions like fresh chopped herbs, lemon and rice, or shredded cabbage and cannellini beans.

Recipe by: Jill


A delicious and simple whole chicken recipe for the slow cooker. The sauce has a wonderful flavour and the chicken is so tender. It is delicious served over jasmine rice.

Recipe by: KATHYP100

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An excellent microwave chicken dish. Can be done ahead of time and refrigerated. The sauce produced is very tasty! If desired, use an additional slice of Swiss cheese on each serving for an even creamier dish. Refrigerate any leftovers. When ready to serve again, repeat microwave cooking procedure as below.

Recipe by: William Anatooskin

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This is one of those recipes that tastes better the longer you cook it. First I cook a whole chicken in stock then add the tomatoes, chillies and the rest of the flavourings.

Recipe by: CBASS

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This is a great recipe for using the supermarket rotisserie chickens. This is best if made the day before you plan on eating it, but not essential.

Recipe by: mommaandrea2

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This paella contains prawns, lobster tails, clams and mussels but it is always the whole chicken that my friends remember which is where the name comes from.

Recipe by: ZapnTatersMom

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This is an easy chicken and dumpling dinner that serves boiled chicken with chicken dumplings that have been boiled in the chicken stock.

Recipe by: Lillian

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Chicken is boiled with onions, celery and bay creating a rich broth that is used to boil a basic homemade pasta noodle.

Recipe by: Sharon Howard

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A unique combination of spices makes this chicken both delicious and moist after marinating 24 hours.

Recipe by: INDRIANI

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