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This is my go-to roast chicken recipe when I want something simple that works well. It's a simple roast with a coating of dried herbs.

Recipe by: Yolli

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If you've never had real chicken mole you are in for a treat! This Mexican feast serves 8. You will need special dried chillies which you can buy at spice shops and Latin American markets.

Recipe by: Ty

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Mexican mole sauce can be simple or complex. This is a fairly simple version but it does require dried ancho chillies which you can buy at spice shops.

Recipe by: agonzalez


Called "Pollo en Pipian" in Mexico, this delicious main features chicken in a sauce of chillies, black olives, capers, toasted sesame seeds and blanched almonds.

Recipe by: Malcolm Colcleugh


A delicious and simple whole chicken recipe for the slow cooker. The sauce has a wonderful flavour and the chicken is so tender. It is delicious served over jasmine rice.

Recipe by: KATHYP100


Great Asian flavours combined in this spicy roast chicken. You can carve the bones off and cut the chicken into small pieces before serving or simply serve it whole (and let others do the carving for you!) It doesn't need any sauce at all. You can save the juice from baking to stir fry other green vegetables or as a dipping sauce for those who like a stronger taste!

Recipe by: Michelle Chen

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Whole chickens steamed then simmered in stock with cabbage, onion, celery, carrot, green beans and bean sprouts. This Chinese inspired dish is great with rice.

Recipe by: Dotty1


Using a beer can when barbecuing a bird results in a subtle and delicious flavour in the succulent meat. All you need is a can of beer, a chicken, a barbecue and some seasonings!

Recipe by: Barrie Tapp


I love the richness of cooking a whole chicken but don’t always have the time to focus on a roast, this slow cooker chicken has all the flavour without the hassle.

Recipe by: Dawn Ash


It's just chicken and vegetables simmered together but it's so satisfying! Experiment with additions like fresh chopped herbs, lemon and rice, or shredded cabbage and cannellini beans.

Recipe by: Jill

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