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This is a slightly different way to make a chicken stir-fry and gets great results. I usually serve this over egg noodles for a quick and easy meal.

Recipe by: STEPHIE95

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This is a good 'master' stir fry recipe which can be customised to the veggies you have on hand. It is perfect served over couscous or rice.

Recipe by: gapch1026

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It's easy to make a Pad Thai at home that is as good as any you will find in a restaurant. Watch this Thai street food classic being made in the Allrecipes Pad Thai Video .

Recipe by: Jackie


Chicken is marinated in a freshly made combination of Asian ingredients before being stir fried; ideal to be served with rice or noodles.

Recipe by: Shelley


Although higher in fat than white breast meat, the darker-fleshed chicken pieces – the legs (drumsticks) and thighs – are a more concentrated source of minerals, including zinc and some iron.

Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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This is a chicken stir fry with a kick! Marinated chicken is stir-fried with ginger, garlic, tangerine peel, Szechuan peppercorns and chilli flakes. Adjust chilli to your personal taste if desired.

Recipe by: Chelsea

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An easy family meal using chicken, broccoli and Chinese black bean sauce. So quick to come together and everyone likes it.

Recipe by: kate


This is a Hawaiian chicken stir fry called hekka. It's easy to make and the flavours are pretty intense!

Recipe by: Jim

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I like stir fries to be simple featuring just a few ingredients, in this case chicken, wild rice and asparagus.

Recipe by: VISTACO

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The white breast meat of chicken is exceptionally low in fat and cholesterol so this is quite a healthy dinner.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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