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A great light lunch or dinner, whiting is seasoned and seared and served with cheesy herb pasta. One of our favourites.

Recipe by: vo0do0

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Even including homemade pasta for the Tortellini, this recipe uses prawns and crabs that are served in a creamy parmesan sauce.

Recipe by: Gary Vere

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Squid ink pasta, if you can find it, makes for a beautifully dramatic presentation. Of course if you can't find it this recipe is great with any pasta.

Recipe by: Clyde Thomas

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This is a Mediterranean style pasta dish where prawns are sauteed in wine and garlic and topped with feta cheese.

Recipe by: JWEARY15


This Mediterranean-style pasta salad is a summer favourite with us. It has pine nuts, feta, olives and fresh basil.

Recipe by: Jenni

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Risoni tossed with tuna, marinated artichoke, roasted red capsicum, and creamy fetta cheese makes a delightful light supper.

Recipe by: Patsy Jamieson, Diane Temple

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A simple sweet potato lasagne with sauteed scallops and topped with a rich blue cheese sauce. I had this meal as an entree at a Christmas function and have been trying to replicate the recipe ever since. This is a main meal as it is quite rich and filling.

Recipe by: Belinda Stafurik

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This is my favourite seafood pasta because it is so simple. Linguine and prawns are served in a tomato sauce with feta cheese.

Recipe by: Amy

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Make your own fresh ravioli for best results! These have a smoked salmon mousse filling and are served with melted Gruyere cheese.

Recipe by: MC


A cheesy tuna mornay with peas and corn for extra flavour. A great quick dinner that has everything in one dish.

Recipe by: JODIE6

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