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If you love Hawaiian-style pizza, you have to give this pasta recipe a try. You can of course substitute ham for salami if you prefer.

Recipe by: Elizabeth Lawrence


This is a lovely pineapple jam that is not only good on toast but great as filling in cakes and biscuits for something a little bit different.

Recipe by: SloeWolf


This is my pineapple filling for cakes but you could use it for trifles, sponges or just about any dessert.

Recipe by: Traci Poole

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Prawns are simmered in a pineapple and soy sauce then served with pineapple, capsicum and tomatoes creating a tasty and colourful meal suitable for your next special occasion.

Recipe by: helenearm

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This is a beautiful simple dessert using fresh pineapple that is simmered in a basic sugar syrup then cooled and served with ice.

Recipe by: Wiley

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When you don't know what to cook or have little time, this is a great tasting dish the whole family loves. It all just gets thrown in together and is quick and easy.

Recipe by: Caboose


This is my nana's recipe, and the pineapple is optional. This recipe is rich with onion and cheese. It has an egg mixed in to thicken it up. Enjoy.

Recipe by: JuliettevanSon


This is a spicy soup from India that combines the unique combination of pineapple, ginger and lime with great flavours coming from spices like cumin and coriander.

Recipe by: Lakshmi Jaishankar

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This is an excellent drink to enjoy in the cold winter months. This version has both pineapple and orange juice.

Recipe by: Bea

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This is a northern Spanish dish. Don't be intimidated by the combination of ingredients, the sweet and salty work together perfectly.

Recipe by: CHRISTYJ

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