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Black tea gives this fruit punch a very exotic flavour despite the ingredients being commonly available. A great party drink for a summer garden party or barbecue.


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The trick with this quick delicious breakfast slush is to keep the fruit cut up and frozen in the freezer.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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Use plain yogurt for the yogurt cream. It will derive its citrusy flavour from the orange juice, peel and liqueur.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis


A very easy dessert that doesn't take a lot of effort to prepare but tastes really good. If you are short of time, don't worry about soaking the marshmallows, but it tastes better if you do.

Recipe by: laridae

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Made using the whole pineapple including the peel. The drink is flavoured with fresh ginger and cloves to provide something a little different.

Recipe by: SloeWolf

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This mocktail is both sweet from the grenadine and tart from the pineapple juice. If you like it sourer, add a squeeze of lime.

Recipe by: kate


If you can't find tinned black beans you can substitute cooked dry ones which you can buy in Asian markets.

Recipe by: SVPORTER

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Fresh pineapple chunks, orange segments and slices of banana are sweetened with a maple-rum dressing and topped with toasted flaked almonds in this dessert salad.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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This is a delicious breakfast smoothie! It combines pineapple, banana, yoghurt, strawberries and wheatgerm for fibre.

Recipe by: Penny


A little different from the regular cream cheese dip, this has crushed pineapple and onions powder for sweetness and tang.

Recipe by: Glyn Turbin

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